Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Note To All Mom's

While living in Arizona during the summertime, staying cool and swimming is just the thing to do. So the other day I took my girls swimming. We played the game "colors," raced up and down the length of the pool as my oldest tried to do EVERYTHING in her power to make sure I did not win. Where my littlest out of NOWHERE asked to take off her floaties when I usually have to beg her and bribe her to NO end to do so. We packed up an easy lunch that consisted of sandwiches, mangos and cookies. As my youngest surprised me again... she normally refuses to try mangos but for whatever reason she said yes on this day and then learned she LOVES them. Haha!
I share this all to remember, as I remind myself, to celebrate every win that happens in your day. From small to big and everything in between. It is in the celebrating that gives us hope for times when we have to hunt, dig and search for things that seem there is NOTHING to celebrate in. 

My girls are growing up. There is no doubt about it and as they are getting older I am realizing this motherhood thing just keeps getting more and more exciting. People have stopped me in grocery stores and even when we were at the pool this day a dad had stopped me and said "girls get harder as they get older." But does that mean it is not hard right now? No. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I am learning every stage of life has moments of being hard. We can label the different stages as hard, harder, to the hardest, but is that true? 

It is very easy to forget the beginning stages of motherhood as our kids get older. I want to remind you to NOT forget. Remember those countless nights when you used to cry as a young mom hearing the cry of your baby not knowing what they wanted or why they were crying. Those moments I'm sure all moms could label as the hardest. But you get through that stage and then guess what? Another stage approaches you. Side note: Mom's with newborn's you might be in this stage right now and I want to remind you that you WILL get through it. One day your baby will talk and express themselves in different ways and you too will get through that stage. Does every stage of life come with challenges and more responsibility? Absolutely. The real question is will you be able to celebrate each stage of life when the challenges and responsibility changes? I hope our answers as moms is all a BIG FAT YES! 

My mom told me this years I tried to remind my mom that I was growing up and I didn't need her as much (FYI: never a good thing to say to your mom). But she said to me "GINA I AM YOUR MOTHER, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN SAY OR DO THAT WILL EVER TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME, I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR MOTHER." At the time I was mad my mom said that because I was stubborn and didn't want to hear that. But, today I am grateful because as I am raising kids of my own I hope they will always know they have a mom that will always be there mother. 

"My responsibility as a mom never stops." 

When they get into trouble, I want them to know I am there. When they don't have enough money, I want them to know I am there. When they are lost, I want them to know I am there. When they are in a bad relationship, I want them to know I am there. Within EVERY SINGLE CELEBRATION of life, from their very 1st car, graduation day, wedding day, to the day they have kids of their own and so on, I want them to know I am there celebrating with them every step of the way. I know my mom did not agree with every decision I made and there were plenty of opportunities in our relationship to grow distant rather than growing closer. But I am sure glad my mom chose to tell me that "she will never stop being my mom."  So today, whatever stage you are in, whether you're in the newborn stage, toddler stage, child stage, adolescent stage, young adult stage, adult stage, middle age stage, to a grandparent stage...celebrate each day and each moment. Remember their wins and their losses, remember the times that were easy and the times that weren't so easy. 

My dad tells me "Gina things in life come full circle." So what may seem hard or discouraging today may come full circle and seem easy and beautiful another day. Life has a way of doing that. So to ALL the moms out there with little ones to big ones, celebrate! Find something to celebrate in today! Your tomorrow and kid's future will thank you.