Monday, July 31, 2017

Kid's Independence

Today I told my girls "ya know I'm going to REALLY miss you two when you go back to school." 

This time of year comes every year and you would think I'm ready for it, but it seems I never am. It's like their Birthday or Christmas. You notice those little things that make you think how fast time goes by. They grow a little bigger over summer break. Not only in size but their heart grows bigger, their minds, their thoughts, their personalities, the way they express themselves, their interests, their relationship as siblings and daughters, their questions and answers. There is always more to learn and more to do and it seems like every year they are so excited to experience more. In the same token I like to soak up all these feelings I am experiencing because wise moms who have crossed my path and who have experienced much more than I, have told me to do so. So, I remind myself to listen to them and so far its paid off pretty nicely as I do enjoy motherhood.

As I explore my thoughts as a mom I can't help but take a minute and hope they hold on to those little nuggets that I take time to pour into them day in and day out. Thoughts like...I hope they listen, I hope they are polite, fair, attentive, respectful, truthful and friendly, I hope they notice the people around them in a positive light and love others for who they are. They are still young and they have a long way to go but with each step they take I pray they discover more and more of who they are and they find freedom in those areas even when I can't be involved every step of the way.
There may be moments where they will be treated unfairly and they have to stand up for themselves and in those moments I have to trust them. There are different stages in this game of life and we are at the stage where we are now teaching our girls about the power they have to listen to the voice within. Kids are capable of much more than we know and it is so important that we as parents don't allow fear to grip us but we allow fearful moments to turn into teaching moments. If kids know mom and dad are not afraid to give them responsibility and we allow for opportunities to mess up in front of us, then I believe the stronger they will recognize the power that lies within them to trust themselves too. Sending our kids off to school can be a very overwhelming experience but keeping a healthy perception is key as life moves on. I love that they have teachers other than me, I love that they are influenced and exposed to different ways in learning and receiving. 
So here I am reminding myself as much as I will miss them during the day, I also am excited to see them grow and explore in another new school year with many more to come. It's not easy to see independence grow, but it sure is a beautiful thing when you believe in the work you do as a parent. So parents, believe in yourself, trust the work you do and have confidence they will do even better. Because, let's face it, their life teaches us the same thing in return. How to be better. We just have to be open to see it and receive it. 

With every new step
With every new stage 
With every new season 
Is an opportunity to grow and explore even more. 
Don't look back. 
Embrace the new and 
Keep moving forward.

Thank you to all the teachers who pour out so much time and energy to teach our kids. We are thankful for you. Praying for one beautiful school year for all your kids, students and families.