Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Wonder of a Child

Thank you for stopping by I Am Crowned Project. The heart beat behind every project is to not only share my story but to share the stories of others too. We all encounter a road, a path, a different environment, a different struggle a different sense of wonder. I have gained great insight into my own life when I hear the life of someone else's. So often times we think our story is not worth sharing and we think who would care to hear about my journey. I know because I have struggled with these very same thoughts. What I have discovered is how powerful is it when we allow others to share their story as we may never know how it may touch not only our life but the life of someone else's too. May we always remember that this life we live is an ongoing journey. Beauty awaits us and may each of us discover the beauty within our story that whatever was is now Crowned in Glory. I am happy to share my first project with you. What great joy it brings me to introduce to you my Beautiful sister Lisa and my Handsome brother in law Kevin. May you enjoy a glimpse into their story and may it bless you.  

The wonder of a child. When will my child’s story begin? When will the moment come when we will meet face to face? What will we name you? Are you a boy or girl? 
As I search my heart, one thing I know is I have prayed for you long before I carried you. Since I was a little girl I was dreaming of you. I was writing out names, I was guessing the color of your eyes and the color of your hair you may have. I would go back and forth through my baby album laughing at the faces I made and only wondering the faces you will make. When I met your daddy the wonder grew more and more. My heart would melt at the looks of your daddy’s baby pictures, his round face and my round face too so maybe that means you will have squishy cheeks through and through.
Soon this wonder grew into a true wonder if we would ever really meet or if we were even capable to have a baby. With three years of pursuing, seeking, researching, scheduling, planning. This wonder truly became a wonder. I would go back to my innocences but quickly be gripped with fear. Although, a great meaning surrounded me as I read James 1:17 “Every Good and Perfect Gift comes from Above”. Knowing that in God’s perfect timing He would bless us with the most perfect gift from above. 
The thoughts that tugged on my heart as time grew, with all the hate that is going on in this world I wondered “Is the desire to be a mom even worth it? Is birthing a child into this world even worth it?” I would cling onto more words that remained true in my heart…"That we are the salt and light of this world” as I read Matthew 5:13-16 over and over again.” Knowing above all else, above all my doubts, above all my fears this life that I so desire is coming near. 
Your dad and I believed and we prayed and now the day is soon approaching for us to say “yes I may have wondered but here you are to have and to hold to raise and to see your plans unfold.” 
It’s true, every child’s story begins long before you are in your mommy’s womb and every child is worth wondering before the dream even comes true. 

Mommy and Daddy love you sweet baby and I pray for every one out there that may be wondering, hoping and believing that you may come to know and be reminded that yes His promises are true. Trust His perfect timing, He only has the best in mind of you.
Thank you for allowing us to share a piece of our story. 
-Kevin and Lisa Weed

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