Saturday, December 17, 2016

Why I Love This Time of Year...NOW

Why do I love this time of year NOW? 
Because I remember all the years I didn't enjoy it. I mean there were aspects around this time of year that I did enjoy but for the most part when this time of year rolled around, let's be honest, I didn't enjoy it. Our schedules were bombarded with an immense amount of duties. From one event after another, from one party to the next, family time was clouded with other priorities, readjusting the actual celebration of Christmas was missed due to an overloaded career that YES we chose but also when I think back our whole life was twisted in every which way. The lifestyle we had caused a lot of friction not only in my family but it trickled down into our extended families. Celebrating Christmas with my family and my husband's family was honestly not pleasant. It was stressful. I can ramble on and on but when I go to post pictures about my family I understand how it can appear as though life is just honky dory. 
What is easily ignored is how hard of a fight it has been to create what "family" actually looks like on both sides. Pictures and social media is funny like that. So can I just say it has been quite the journey to NOW be able to post an honest and real photo of happiness, this is pretty neat. 
This happiness I am talking about is why I believe we actually celebrate Christmas. It's not to gain more presents or things or to set new goals to hopefully obtain. It is simply to celebrate a life that was born that truly changed every ounce of why we are here. It's about a life that we should take time to honor. Realizing that we all have a responsibility as to why this time of year is enjoyable or not is simply up to us. Either we create what this season is all about or we allow a million other things to cloud our mind with filtered unrealistic thoughts that detour us only away from what the true meaning of Christmas is. This season can bring a lot of heart ache, it can cause emotions to rise up about the ones that are no longer with us, it can cause us to look at everything we don't have or are unable to give. Can I just say I get it. All of those thoughts and emotions are so normal. I think we should sit around a table and think of those we miss, talk about them, remember them. I think we should think about what we don't have and be grateful for what we do have. This time or year does not always bring happiness but it sure does remind us of a high power that is much greater than us. Even if that higher power is Santa at the moment hey that's a start. He is good and jolly, he is magical and fun. But the greatest gift of all is Jesus in my life. He is my higher power and my savior. He saved me and my family from a lot and now during this season I am reminded about how he truly turned my life around. We've taken some time as a family to not partake in the busyness this season brings BUT to enjoy it as a family because there was a time we never were able too and now we get to and for that I am grateful. 
My friends whatever this season may look like for you know that the very one who saved you is with you. You may not know it yet but I strongly believe He wants you to know He is there. Jesus was born for you and for me to save and to heal, to restore and to mend, to bring life and not death. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

 I just want to say I love you Jesus and Happy Birthday to you. 
This time of year I truly enjoy because of you.