Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pause In The Blog

I have moments within my days in which I might come across something that catches my attention and causes me to pause and reflect on life. They are little reminders for me to embrace the now in front of me. Time passes by so quickly doesn’t it? And I think we all can use little reminders and gain new perspectives on the little things that we tend to just pass by. But what if what we pass by has so much meaning? What if it is there to help us with our everyday life?

I’ve had this on my heart to do for a while now and I guess there is no better time to start than now. In-between writing blogs about my story I want to introduce to you what I call a “pause in the blog” moment. So pause with me and enjoy a new view.

Today I passed by a small field. I saw a few men working and tending this field. I stopped and was reminded of a time back in January when I was sitting in church listening to our pastor speak on “Pick Up Your Plow” He encouraged us rather than starting off the New year with all these expectations why don’t we ask God what fields he wants us to tend to. He went on to say our lives are made up of many different fields. Marriage is a field, work is a field, each of our children is a field, our destiny is a field and so on.

So today take a moment and think about the fields in your life. What are they? How are you tending to them?
Plowing is involved, planting is involved, time is involved, work is involved and a harvest is involved. Life is process, don’t rush it, tend to it and take care of it so that you can enjoy it.
Enjoy listening to the full teaching here:

You will never take new ground until your hand touches the plow. ~Pastor Preston Morrison


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