Monday, February 15, 2016

Through the Eyes of a Friend

When you have no words to say.
When you're approaching a date that altered your life in such a way that is so hard to describe.
When each day is passing and your days are fading.
When your thoughts are quickly racing and seem overbearing.
When you're lost and confused and sometimes incapable of knowing what to think.
When the very moment you have come face to face with a rush of emotions that are being tossed like a wave to and fro.
A friend comes by to pick up the pieces to fill your heart with an unfailing love.
A gentle touch that causes you to pause, then begins to tell you, you are loved, cared for and the very thing you lost is not forgotten but remembered. You find this immediately awakens you to step into a new outlook and view that maybe you've once heard before but you just needed to be reminded of again and again.
You find yourself open to hear your story but not through your eyes but through the eyes of a friend.

So here I am face to face with Feburary 15. The day I gave birth to our third daughter Annabelle Grace. Her birth was different then most but yet like so many, not letting out a single sound, a still birth that so graciously left the deepest imprints on our hearts. As she went from our arms to the arms of her Heavenly Father she left us with a new way of thinking and a new way of living. We are so thankful for her life as it gave us a new life. In previous blogs you've heard parts of our story but now I'd like for you to hear from a very dear friend of mine, as she displays beauty through the eyes of a friend.

Kristin Merwin thank you.
Annabelle Grace, Happy 2nd Birthday. 
Mommy, Daddy and your two big sisters Love and Miss you.

Please click on Kristin's link below to read her blog. Also you can stay up to date with Kristin on Instagram @themerwinzoo and keep up with her beautiful photography (pictured above) @kristinmerwin

May her blog bless you and encourage you and maybe even a friend or two.

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