Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Last time I checked a man or a woman does not dictate how I wake up in the morning regardless of his or her position, power or control. 

Although, I do remember a time in my life where men and woman did dictate pretty much the way I lived my life, my beliefs and my responses. How did that happen? Well, I allowed it. I cared so much about what those men and woman said. I put all my hope and trust in them. I tried living my life up to the standards that were portrayed on a platform setting and not in an everyday life setting. The limelight of their world out shined mine. So much so that I took on their characteristics, the way they talked, dressed and lived. Therefore, I forgot who I was. I didn't know my value and I didn't know my place and I didn't even know my own home. I had forgotten my roots and took on a very prideful way of living where I thought my thoughts, my beliefs and responses were all right and true. I thought I was living an amazing life until I lost everything in my life. 

Sometimes I think it takes loosing something for our eyes and ears to be open to really see and hear the environment we have chosen to live in for what it really is and not for we wished and hoped it would be. I wish it didn't have to take a loss, or a lost battle, or life altering situations to determine these things, but in reality that's just the way life goes sometimes. 

If I have learned anything from my own experience just a few short years ago, that is to NOT repeat that cycle of my life ever again. Now, I can feel a man or woman's control and I can feel any kind of limelight put on a person and, quite frankly, I HATE it with every ounce of my human existence. Maybe one day I will find a happy medium again, but for now this is where I am at and this is what I have seen taken place in our world today with this presidential election. We have placed a man and a woman in the limelight that is outshining who we are as human beings and we are forgetting very quickly that we have all been here before. Our life is not held in the parties that we vote for, but we are acting as though they are. My kids will not be conformed by a man or woman because neither party is raising them. I am, and my husband is. My job, my income, where I live, where I visit, my friends, my family does not fall on the weight of politics, but on the weight of the love I choose to give. Last I recall every presidential election was ALWAYS a big deal and so what makes this one any different? NOTHING! Why? Because it's another human being that will be in office for 4-8 years and guess what? We will be moving on to the next election. 

It's my job as an American Citizen to stay constant and consistent in my world. The job I've been given is my job and no one else's. If I want to make money, I make it. If I want to teach my kids to love or hate, forgiveness or resentment then I will teach them. One thing I must remember is my actions speak much louder than my words. It's up to me to do my due diligence and play a part in this world just like you do too. 

If you feel like you lost in this election I am very sorry. I know what it is like to loose and it is very painful. But I also know what comes after pain, and that is there comes SO much beauty. I pray your eyes and ears will be open to see and hear that your true responsibilities are not in the arms of Donald Trump or if this was switched around they would not be held in the arms of Hillary Clinton either. I also pray that the beauty you receive is knowing who you are and what a difference you make in this world. 

I will ask you the same question I asked myself today when I woke up. “Am I still the same person I am when I went to bed after I heard who was president or did I wake up a different person?” 

My response was YUP! I am still Gina Dobmeier and YUP! I am still a mom and a wife. I made my kids breakfast, I packed them their lunch, took them to school, picked them up from school, took them to dance class, fixed dinner and in between all that got some work done, encountered great people with a smile on my face and loved on the people that I was able to love on today. HECK! I might even have sex with my husband tonight too (yes I just said that) and guess what? No woman or man can stop me from doing ANY of these everyday things. And I most certainly bet you woke up as the same person too. 

When we take a step away from the promises of a "MAN" or a "WOMAN" then those promises won't matter or dictate our life or the way we respond or the way we wake up day to day. Living and thinking this way is what makes a difference and this is what creates change. Everything we do starts within the home. So why not start there. WAKE UP AMERICA IT IS UP TO US, WHAT WILL YOU DO? And WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE? BE THE CHANGE, it all starts with me and you. Reality check: Our kids will follow, they are watching and listening.  

With Love, 

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